Distance Learning Media of Communication – Important Guide To Video and Audio Conferencing

One of the biggest problems faced by many people who want to study via distance learning is that they still wonder how they can learn and get the education without being in “actual” classroom setting. They still can’t understand how it can be possible for them to get taught without being in the classroom. Well, if you also have such fears, it’s understandable. I also wondered about this the first time I heard about distance learning and online learning, but not anymore. Now, I completely understand how the process works and the various media of communication used. In this article you will also learn about some of the media of communication used such as audio and video conferencing and the likes.

Video conferencing is one of the media used in distance learning. It conversely has two or more persons participating in a class that can be viewed by all participants using their video conferencing equipment. The equipment may vary from a computer with a video camera to a web cam, monitor and speakers that help participants talk to and hear each other.

Setbacks that may arise from video conferencing are in two areas. One results from the challenge of setting up cameras and speakers with a network system that would transmit the data back and forth. This can be rather challenging issue or network failure could effectively nullify the intended effect of the effort.

Students with screen-shy attitudes will be tensed and nervous when they are aware that they are being watched, but they’d probably fare pretty well on audio conferencing programs. The audio conferencing learning type of environment, as different from the videoconferencing, is simply the learning that is done through the use of instructional materials which are recorded in audio format.

It is believed by many, though, that there is need to both be able to hear and to see in order to ideally represent the best learning environment, even on a distance learning program. Following these, you may come to appreciate how that proper handling and getting used to the screen can make the study environment a huge success for distance learning.

As you have seen from the above, these various media of communication are very effective in helping you get the best from your distance learning or online learning. I know you might still feel awkward about them in the beginning but as time progresses they will become very easy to use and understand. If you have any problems you can always ask questions to be better taught so that you also know how to really get the best from the tools.

Also, it doesn’t hurt you to also learn more about these media and tools of distance learning so that you arm yourself with the right knowledge on using and getting the best from them. As they say, nothing learned is ever wasted, so get on with learning about these tools and media of online learning right away!