What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Let A Career Personality Test Help

In high school, teachers wanted to test our knowledge and measure our improvements in subjects and so they gave us tests. Even though it may have been a few years since high school and evaluative tests, it may bid you well to take a test or two when searching for a job. There are several different kinds of tests you can choose from including personality tests and career satisfaction tests. As a job seeker, finding a career that fits with your personality, interests and financial desires should be a priority.

A very popular test to begin with is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, also known as MBTI. It’s a series of preference questions that takes about ten minutes to complete. Your results are one of sixteen types, represented by extraverted or introverted, sensitive or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving (i.e. ISTJ). After you’ve completed the assessment and received your four-letter result, it gives a short description of your personality type and a few jobs that are appropriate for your type.

There are many different websites that offer career tests such as Careerpath.com, a division of Career Builder. The assessment called “What Job is Right for You” consists of career preference and personality questions, similar to the MBTI test. Instead of receiving your results as four letters, you’ll receive a color (red = expediting, blue = planning, green = communicating, yellow = administrating). Careerpath.com also offers “Job Discovery Wizard”, Job Satisfaction Quiz, a Career Planner Quiz, and many more.

Careerfitter.comassesses your work personality, similar to the previous websites. The site provides a long list of possible careers that match your test results, giving you the opportunity to see a greater range of possible occupations dependent upon your personality. They offer a free version and an upgrade, which offers more features.

TypeFocus.comclaims that their tests are scientifically validated, proving their validity and evaluation effectiveness. By concentrating on three traits: personality, interests and values, the site strives to provide “Success through Self-Awareness”. Their tests do not promise that they will help you find the perfect job, but they will help you make some decisions regarding your career.

Lastly, Queendom.com provides a large variety of tests such as a concentration and focus skills test, a leadership style test, a management skills and styles assessment, plus many more. The tests are concerned with relationships, attitude and lifestyles in addition to career-oriented assessments.

Taking a personal assessment test is not going to guarantee you a job but if you’re struggling with choosing a direction or you don’t know what kind of careers would suit you, it’s not a waste of time. Discovering your true personality traits may help you discover the path that you are supposed to travel.