Important Tips for a Volleyball Coach Resume

The role of the volley ball coach is similar to that of any other coach. They have to identify the talent of the players and train them on different game techniques. They train the players the game tactics and guide them in raising their performance. Coaches also have to prepare the players to handle the mental stress. They conduct different practice sessions for players to sharpen their skills to overcome their weaknesses. They also organize the practice matches as a part of the training session. They also have to provide physical training to the players and prepare the diet plans. They need to have strong communication skills and coordination skills.

Volleyball is not the game of a single player but it is the game of the whole team. All the players have to contribute equally for winning the game. A coach plays a significant role in binding the players together. They need to understand the approach of every player and train them accordingly. They must be aware of the latest coaching techniques to assist the players. Along with the game training, they also have to design proper diet for the players. Being the player of any game, it is important to stay fit and healthy. With the proper diet plan, you can remain healthy and sound. They need to make effective use of the available resources for training purpose. Many times, coaches have to study the game plan of the opponent and plan their strategies accordingly.

Below is the sample volleyball coach resume to give you clear idea of drafting a resume of this type.

Sample Resume

Contact Information
Michael Ford
552, Blue Street, Denver, USA
Contact No. – 09468769809
E-mail ID

Career Summary
• Extensive experience of playing volleyball and coaching players
• Active member of the state volleyball team from 1992-1998
• Represented the country twice in the volleyball Championship
• Possess strong analytical skills along with being a good team player
• Excellent multitasking abilities

Key Strengths
• Familiar with the training techniques and game strategies in volleyball
• Experience of organizing the sports events and managing the concerned activities
• Excellent management skills and organizational skills
• Understands the capability of the player and trains accordingly
• Proficient in managing the team and maintains proper coordination between the team members
• Excellent communicator
• Passionate about teaching and committed towards work
• Possess strong leadership qualities
• Knowledge of the latest training practices
• Familiar with the diet preparation for players

Educational Credentials
Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports, 2000
University of Denver, USA
Diploma in Sports Management Practices, 2002
Royal College, Denver, USA

Awards and Honors
• Awarded with the player of the year award for contribution in Volleyball in the year 1996
• Awarded with best coach award in 2007 for Casino Sport Club
• Nominated for the best coach award in 2008 for Casino Sports Club

Job History
Casino Sports Club, Denver USA
Designation – Assistant Volleyball Coach
Duration – March 2005 to present

• Handled the documentation of the event schedules and other administrative work
• Conducted the regular training sessions for the players
• Designed the appropriate diet plan for the players to stay fit and healthy
• Conducted the physical workout sessions
• Ensured the availability of the sporting equipments and accessories
• Prepared the game tactics and strategies keeping in mind the team strength and physical standards
• Motivated the team members from time to time to enhance their performance
• Studied the game strategies of the opponents and guided the team members for making changes in their tactics

Personal Profile
Date of Birth – 14th September 1975
Nationality – American
Gender – Male
Marital Status – Married
Employment Status – Full time

Mr. Bruce Peterson
Head Coach,
Volleyball Team
Casino Sports Club, Denver, USA
Contact No. – 09576876567
E-mail ID

You can also list some more names in the list of references. Inform people before including their names as references.

From the above sample, you will know the details you can include in your resume. Also see the tone used in the resume and the format chosen. All these things together makes up a good job winning resume.

5 Top Tips For Coaching Employees

Coaching employees is a particularly important factor in what we do as managers. Effective coaching is often the main difference between success and failure. Below are five hints to help you to become a better coach.

1) Find out what they don’t know – Coaching Employees doesn’t just comprise of one morning devoted to training on a single topic. It’s on-going and in a sense, never really ends. You may have coached your staff several times upon certain themes yet coaching is never time misspent. The crucial thing is that you are able to assess what exactly it is that they don’t understand and then train them appropriately.

2) Listen – Following on from the first point is the idea of having two ears and only one mouth. Otherwise referred to as listening! When it comes to coaching, telling is unquestionably not selling. Instead of continually hurling information at the employees, question them about what they know with regard to particular topics. Ask them to demonstrate to you the correct technique for doing certain jobs. Listen to everything that they’re telling you and more specifically to what they’re not telling you and coach them accordingly.

3) Do not take control – In time sensitive circumstances it can be quite tempting to take over from a member of your team who is struggling to complete a specific job. Don’t! This is exactly the time when you have to coach. It can be really difficult, especially if there are customers waiting around but ultimately it will pay dividends.

4) Make time – Despite the fact that training and coaching aren’t exactly the same concept it’s essential that you make time for training each week. You have to arrange a time specifically to train and provide the appropriate materials and there ought to be no distractions, particularly from clients. This session should be the spring-board for all coaching that happens later on and should grant everyone a central point to return to.

5) Be a mentor – Whilst coaching you need to seem less like a boss and more like a mentor. It isn’t necessarily about right and wrong, simply being able to help your team to grasp the right way of accomplishing particular things and to make the correct choices. Think Yoda and Obi Wan and you’ll be well on your way.

Coaching employees is an essential tool in helping your employees reach their potential. Attempt to employ as many of these tips as you possibly can and your team will be better coached and more motivated!